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MFA in Music Application

To submit an application to our school, please complete the following form and select Submit Application.

There is a fee of $75.00 associated with this application.

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Specific information about the application requirements can be found at:

It is not necessary to create an account in order to complete an application for admission. If you will not complete the application in one sitting please SAVE the form and you will receive an email with directions on how to access the form for future completion.

Before you complete this application form, you should have your attachments prepared and your credit card available to pay the application fee. You may also SAVE this form so long as you do so before selecting "Submit Application".

Items to be submitted online with this form:

A $75.00 non-refundable application fee (payment by credit card is required when using this form, and must be submitted at the time of application completion)

Contact Admissions toll-free at (866) 934-8232, ext. 8636 with any other questions.

Personal Information
Address Information
Contact Information
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Demographic Information

The following information is optional and does not affect the admissions decision. It is strictly confidential and is used only in aggregate form for statistical purposes in federal, state, and institutional reports.

  1. Are you of Hispanic/Latino ethnicity or descent? Yes No
    Select one or more races with which you identify yourself:
    American Indian or Alaska Native
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Citizenship Information

Please enter your country of citizenship. If you are not a U.S. citizen or permanent resident refer to the additional instructions regarding immigration regulations for residencies.

Academic Information

Summer residency starts in August and winter residency starts in February.

  1. Program
Financial Aid

For more information about Financial Aid go to:

Emergency Contacts

Education History

List ALL accredited colleges and universities attended. Please request that an OFFICIAL transcript be sent directly to the MFA in Music, Office of Admissions from all colleges previously attended. If you completed your undergraduate degree at a non-U.S. institution please contact Admissions for additional instructions regarding evaluation of foreign credentials.

  1. Degrees


Other Schools Applied to

Please list other schools to which you may be applying.

Application Checklist

Official college transcripts sent from each previously attended institution directly to: MFA in Music Composition, Office of Admissions, Vermont College of Fine Arts, 36 College Street, Montpelier, VT 05602.

You submit the following materials online by signing up on the VCFA online application service. It is important to sign up for the service early in the process to identify and email people providing letters of reference.The applicant must submit the following:

1. A statement of purpose up to 1000 words in length. The statement of purpose should address the following questions: What are your current musical goals and reasons for seeking a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Music Composition? Which area of composition (Contemporary Composition, Electronic Music, Jazz, Scoring for Media, or Songwriting) are you most interested in pursuing through VCFA studies?

2. A resume of education, relevant professional experience, and a listing of compositions (including date of composition, instrumentation, and duration), significant performances, scholarships, and professional recognition.

3. Two recent letters of recommendation describing your qualifications for master’s level study in music composition and your aptitude for independent learning.

4. Three samples of your original compositions with scores in pdf. Samples should be in the area in which you wish to focus at VCFA. If you wish to study in a genre different from your samples, please address your rationale and qualifications for doing so in your statement of purpose.

A list in PDF form briefly describing your music samples, putting each into context or addressing its significance to your development as a composer or to your compositional process. Provide dates of completion, performance information if any, and instrumentation, or in the case of electronic music, what programs were used.

    School Policy
    1. Checking "I accept" will serve as your digital signature to certify that you have read and fully understand the terms and conditions set forth in our Application Policy and that the information on this application is accurate.

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